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American Fulfillment - Let us manage your Warehouse!

We are a Connecticut based international company with over 60 years of proven performance in fulfillment, lead management, inventory management, distribution and mailing services.

AMERICAN FULFILLMENT LLC is a full service fulfillment company serving a broad range of industries and Fortune 500 organizations on a national and international basis. Our successful business is based on the following core concepts;

· Our experienced professionals understand that attention to detail and exceptional communications are the key ingredients to providing an outstanding level of service.

· All work will be completed to your satisfaction - ensuring the highest standards of workmanship, confidentiality and control.

· You will find our pricing structure competitive and our "cost-conscious" project suggestions insightful.

Let us help you hit your targets!.

Broad Industry Perspective

Our clientele comes in all sizes and spans a broad spectrum of industries, including:
· Advertising & Promotion Agencies
· Non-profit & Government Organizations
· Professional & Trade Associations
· Manufacturing Companies Including: Food & Beverage, Chemical & Pharmaceutical
· Insurance & Financial Services Companies
· High Tech & Import Companies
· Educational & Printed Literature Concerns
· Tourism & Travel Organizations
And many others...


Our Services

American Fulfillment is your one source for comprehensive fulfillment programs such as
- product fulfillment
- sales & service support materials
- marketing support materials
- point-of-sale advertising material
- consumer promotions
- trade show materials

Each program is individually designed and customized to fit our customers' specific needs. As an extension of your marketing, sales and general communications efforts, we bring to every assignment the enthusiasm, dedication, reliability and timely service that is essential for a successful program and a long term relationship.

Core service offerings:

Lead Management:
American Fulfillment can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We use strategies that are tailored to your company's needs.

Order / Product Fulfillment:
Flexibility allows us to process your orders according to your specific needs. We can download orders from the back-end of your website, or you can fax, email, batch process, or mail us the orders.

Literature Fulfillment:
We provide integrated literature fulfillment programs to customers in virtually all industries. Requests for literature, sales, marketing support and training materials are just a few of the applications for which customers rely on American Fulfillment.

Promotion Support:
Whether gathering new customers, or reinforcing bonds with existing ones, we are a full service fulfillment company possessing the ability to store and distribute key components in your marketing program.

Pick and Pack:
Pick & Pack services entail taking ordered goods out of stock and packing them so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer. We provide a full spectrum of options, including, pallet breakdown, individual order pick and pack, as well as building new cartons, packs, or pallets to fulfill customized requests.

Inventory Management:
American Fulfillment will properly and accurately establish vital inventory criteria into management systems (long and short descriptions, quantities, re-order and freeze points, special instructions, etc.)

Kit Assembly:
Custom packages and promotional kits are typically produced by different suppliers and require assembly prior to being inventoried. We assemble these disparate components into kits or custom products then fulfill them as orders or through bulk distribution.

Vendor Compliance:
The term Vendor compliance encompasses the set of rules laid out by a customer that govern how vendors must conduct business with that particular customer.

Other services include:
· Mailing Services of All Types (Inserting, Labeling, etc.)
· High Speed Reprographics
· Database Management/Mailing List Maintenance
· Catalog Sales Processing & Fulfillment
· Shrink Wrapping, Binding and Drilling
· International and Domestic Freight Express Services

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American Fulfillment
22 Shelter Rock Lane #33
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Fulfillment Case Studies

We know that each customer case is different. That is why we provide service solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our very broad range of clients.

Examples of fulfillment projects American Fulfillment has completed:

60,000 annual reports and 10K statements are mailed to stockholders and investment analysts throughout the world.

10,000 of each are stored and distributed on demand.

1,500 binders are assembled, including collation of contents and three-hole drilling, then packaged for bulk distribution.

One dozen golf balls, a golf towel, and tees are inserted into a cloth tote bag, boxed, and sent to 12,000 corporate clients throughout the US and Canada.

Users of 4,000 product safety procedure manuals located across the country receive updated OSHA Precautionary Handling Guidelines for a particular product.

A 15,000 total piece kit mailing consisting of eight multiple-page documents (reproduced, collated, and stapled) is hand inserted into a decorative folder and a pre-labeled envelope.

450,000 product samples and brochures are collated, inserted into a bag, and heat sealed prior to distribution to potential consumers.

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